Business Continuity

Information Technology has evolved rapidly over the past few decades from a business service into an integral part of any business. Today, no business can survive without IT services; whether it is a solo trade, small business or a multinational enterprise.

The traditional approaches to the backup strategy or disaster recovery help you bring back the servers and devices. But is this what you want? Think carefully, you want your organisation up and running, offer your solutions and serve your client. Therefore, Protocol IT believes in Business Continuity that will help you bring your critical business functions up and running within the stipulated time when the lightning strikes.

Key aspects our business Continuity solution covers:

  • Business impact analysis

  • Policies, procedures and guideline

  • Backup Strategy

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Review and monitoring

The key success factor of our business continuity solution starts at business Impact Analysis (BIA) these help us to understand your business in sufficient depth, not only to propose solutions but also to implemented and manage these solutions. Also, the BIA helps our clients to reduce overhead and cost substantially.

For one of our multinational clients, we implemented the disaster recovery sites at their overseas branches using virtualisation techniques and existing hardware and infrastructure facilities. This gave them huge savings on the cost over a separate disaster recovery site or going with a cloud backup partner. Implementing the disaster recovery site at their branches ensured their business-critical data does not leave their organisation’s boundaries.