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How to Recover lost Emails and Contacts in Microsoft Outlook

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Recovering Lost Emails

Accidental deletion and lost emails are one of the biggest problems we face in day to day work. This blog will tell you how to recover these emails. In general​​​​​ when an email or contact is deleted from the outlook or other connected devices such as smart phone it comes to the deleted Items.

How to retrieve emails from your deleted items:

  • Click the “Deleted items” in the left pane of your outlook windows.
  • Select the item you want to retrieve. Right click and move this item to the desired location. You may also drag and drop the emails and contact.
  • The default retention policy is for one month for deleted items.

Based on the retention policy off this folder the emails/contacts get cleared (Removed from deleted items).

Up to this it is fairly simple and most of us know. What if you cannot find the email/contact under deleted items? Don’t panic, please read further.

“Recover Deleted Items” option is the place you need to look for.

Please follow the below step to recover the items from here.

  • Go to the Folder tab on your outlook. (2010)
  • Click “Recover Deleted Items” option. This will list all the deleted items.
  • Select the required emails / contact and click the recover selected items.
  • This will resort the items under the deleted items folder by default.
  • Move the items to the desired location.

Normally Microsoft Office 365 keeps the details for about a month.  This gives you roughly about two month (1 month under deleted items and 1 month under recovery) before you lose the items permanently.

recovering lost emails

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