Marine Services

The interesting thing about Marine Services, especially in ship building, is that most contracts that are won in Australia are not always built in Australia. Today with the power of high speed long distant communications, either via Instant Messaging (IM), email or SharePoint, construction can be easily coordinated between personal in different countries.

One such project was the construction and delivery of the Australia Marine Complex (AMC), $63 million Floating Dry Dock. Our client, being the main contractor had all engineering done in Australia and Singapore while the hull construction was done in Vietnam.

The communication lines built between countries was based on:

  • Cisco Based IPSec private network between countries
  • Multiple virtual servers build on VMWare
  • Continuous backup pushed between countries
  • Full continuous real-time data replication allowing Engineers to view updates and drawing files in almost instantly
  • Microsoft Communicator for secure IM communications
  • Microsoft Cloud based email system was implemented to reduce hardware infrastructure cost and ensure 99.9% uptime on the service
  • Microsoft Cloud based SharePoint services for data sharing with contractors

While the project was completed in 2009, our client till today maintains Protocol IT as their IT Infrastructure Systems Provider.

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