Support Services

We always want to speak to a real person at the other end of the phone. That is true if you as a business owner or executive needs to disable a user account urgently. Protocol IT found that the majority of issues are reported either via email or IM (Instant Messaging). 80% of the time these issue are resolved this way within the hour. With services calls resolved without the use of a phone or any verbal communications, overall productivity increases in the office.

Further to this our Desktop Management service includes detailed hardware and software lifecycle management. By centralising this management function both end user and the IT team are able to focus on more strategic objectives for the business.

We have a working support structure that currently supports users nationally and internationally. The end users we support can be as close as a mine site in the Pilbara or a shipyard based in Vietnam.

Protocol IT do not use free tools from the Internet to connect to user computers. High end tools like CITRIX Go to Assist is used to manage end users.

Staff Highlights

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